Warning, this page contains spoilers. If you find yourself stuck or looking for a place to start then you're in the right place.

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Now that you have the Beast Realm Krystal, the entrance to the Town Centre is open.

Head to the Town Centre.

There are a few shops you can visit to sell loot or hire a henchman.

To learn more about buying and selling click here.
The Henchmen are in the Inn.

There are four to choose from; Drake, Talehma, Mehli and Ivy.

Drake and Mehli are sitting upstairs.

To hire Ivy or Talehma you must enter their store and hire them from there.

Aya's Gifts and Giggles is a good place to stock up on food.
When you're ready, head up the path past Aya's and to the graveyard.

Once in the graveyard, like before, you will see monsters on your mini map.

You must defeat all the monsters before you can get the Realm of Eternal Darkness Krystal.
The Realm of Eternal Darkness Krystal is located through a secret passage through a crypt in the graveyard.

It has a forcefield around it until you defeat all the monsters.