iCauldron3D Week 3 - Page 2

This shows a maximum poly of 1200, with a maximum split of 4. Using a step 8 again, yielding an FPS of 30 - 32.

So now the next step was to put the TRIANGLE_STRIP into an octree system. First tests using a step of 8 I saw FPS around 45FPS and with a step of 4 the FPS remained at 45. So I'm quite pleased with this result. :)

Now finally what I set out to do.

This shows 3rd person camera with a character running along the terrain with weapon in hand. Terrain collision is in place as well as gravity and acceleration. I may add in some basic billboard grass with wind movement, not a lot though. As well I may place some objects within the scene and try out some combat!!! :D

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