Who are these Krabbit bastages anyway?

Well.. there's just the two of us and we wear a lot of hats.

Google KrabbitWorld and see we've been around awhile, made a 2D KW, struggled through some indie-level 3D game engines, made 3D KWL and now 3D KWO. But that's another blog. :)

Who are we?

- Teri Thom

Hi! I'm Teri Thom. AKA Krabbo, Turbo, Krabbity, Empress-Turbo, depending on nic availability on a given dev, gamer or social forum. I do the art for KrabbitWorld and KrabbitSoft.

Just about anything you look at. 2D, 3D, GUI, models, textures, web, terrain, character design and technical - weightmapping, uvmapping, heightmaps. Pretty much an art slave, but cool thing is I get to make decisions on look and feel - lighting, color, sound, animation, game design etc. It's a pretty sweet opportunity, especially when there's time to fully implement my concepts. :)

As for XP, this winter hen has spent nigh on 10 years devving Krabbit IP, content, and promotion. Spread thin, self taught, self funded. Before KrabbitSoft I had my own graphic design company for four years. Recent months I've delved into press releases and promotional content working to get the word out about KrabbitWorld Origins.

I love ferrets and riding my bike though there's been little time for anything but Krabbits for as long as I can remember.

We've got a great story here in a fun game and we're working hard to show you just how deep and fun it is. That's our goal. Hope you stick around, join in and enjoy KrabbitWorld!

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